Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Halloween's been and gone, so what about YouTube?

I started my YouTube channel very reluctantly after my first few Halloween makeup tutorials had gone live on the blog. I had a lot of people asking if I did video tutorials as well and as much as I didn't want to get into YT, I could see how much easier it would be to follow a video than a written blog post.

Funnily enough it only took me one video to fall in love with it and I then continued to film my remaining 6 Halloween looks. There was never a plan for a proper channel, I just wanted to give my Halloween tutorials a little more oomph and make sure they could be recreated if anyone fancied. However I've since decided I want to continue making videos, it's just another fun activity I can do when I have the free time and yet another creative outlet to experiment with.

As far as the future of my channel, it will likely stay focussed on special effects and creative makeups. That's my passion and making tutorials gives me the perfect excuse to practice my art and hone my skills when I'm not on a job. Of course when I am working it can be weeks away at a time so my posting will probably be erratic.

I am going to continue with big, character makeups which is how my channel started, but also include quick and realistic effects for those interested in film/tv makeup. Since Halloween I have actually posted two of these types of tutorials already, one on making scabs and the other on how to create an aged black eye.

I'm filming away in Somerset for a couple of weeks soon so in amongst the extensive makeup prep for the film I'm going to try and fit in some blog writing and video filming time so there's stuff up while I'm away. In the meantime, do check out my channel if you haven't already, I'm only a beginner at this YouTube malarky so any pointers you have would be very welcome.

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