Saturday, 28 May 2016

Review: E.L.F Sparkling Eyes

I'm not a big user of E.L.F but I had spotted that they recently returned to the UK, though I don't recall why they ever left? As far as I know you can only get their makeup online over here but they seem to have as wide a selection of products as before.

On a recent trip to Canada the Mothership picked me up this eyeliner set at what I assume was a ridiculously affordable price given that E.L.F is cheap here, and everything's cheaper there.

The exact pencils don't seem to be available on the UK site, but there is a similar looking set called The Essential 5-Piece Shimmer Eyeliner Set with four of the same shades and then a gun metal instead of the ivory.

These are described as smooth, metallic eyeliners and I couldn't help but think of the Zoeva Graphic Eyes pencils as soon as I saw the box.

The pencils themselves are pretty standard, with the addition of built in sharpeners in the caps which is a great idea. I can never find a sharpener when I need one.

I also like the selection of shades, on myself I'm least likely to have a use for the green (she says having just worn green eyeliner to a tropical themed party) but I could see wearing the others from time to time, especially the black and copper.

Because the brand is so affordable I was expecting the liners to be quite dry and scratchy to apply. They weren't, they were surprisingly creamy though I did need to go over these swatches a couple of times to get this payoff which still isn't amazingly strong.

After swatching these I was no longer a fan of the purple, I was expecting it to look more like this but it's a little dull. The copper however has got me in love.

(Oh forward facing camera you always look so good until I see you actual size.)
In the first image I've used the black on my waterline and the copper underneath the lower lashes, I really like this shade and enjoy that I can use it to add a little hint of shimmer to an otherwise matte eye. I didn't find that I had to press too hard which is always a good thing when working around your eyes. The green however did seem to need slightly more going over to get this, like I said it's not really my style but I don't hate the shade and could see it working better for other people.

I've not worn them for any great length of time, but judging by how hard it was to get the swatches off my hand it gives me hope they'd have some staying power.

I'm not sure that I'll ever have a use for the purple but the ivory might be nice in the inner corner to brighten up a soft eye or something more feminine.

Overall I do enjoy these and when you consider the UK equivalent is £6 for the set it's always going to be a bargain even if you only end up using one. I probably wouldn't be as comfortable using these on an actor or model however and would stick to something like the Zoeva liners I mention previously because I know they glide on so smoothly.

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